An overview of ElevateMe’s Blood and Lifestyle Assessments

How do you know which life choices are right for you, and which ones actually set you back? 

To help take the guesswork out of managing your health, ElevateMe provides an in-depth health assessment using 21 blood test insights from an at-home fingerprick blood test. Each one dispensing invaluable medical insights about you. 

We then use your answers to our lifestyle survey to create a tailor-made action plan, backed by rigorous scientific research. And here’s the best part: you get to choose which areas you would like the action plan to focus on – be that weight management, increased energy, or better sleep. 

Finally, you can stop worrying about whether you’re taking the right supplements, doing enough exercise, or eating the right foods – instead, focus on living your best life.

21 blood test insights

Blood tests are categorically reliable – they provide a benchmark for your health and well-being. Everything depends on the composition of your blood, starting from your mood and ending with how strong your immune system is. 

This is why we have picked 21 blood test insights that best reflect your overall health to assess 7 different performance categories. To do this, we compare your test results to optimal values and generate assessment ratings. 

We look beyond abnormalities that appear to be a cause for concern. We do this by providing you with optimal ranges as opposed to reference ranges that most blood test labs use. This gives you an indication of where you stand among the healthiest of individuals, helping you to improve various parts of your life so that you can feel your best.

What do we test for?

Here’s a list of all of ElevateMe’s blood tests:




Liver Health – Liver Function Test





Glucose (Diabetes)

Your Lifestyle Assessment Results

Although a blood test can tell us a lot about the state of your health, it cannot explain the reasons behind your results. This is where the ElevateMe lifestyle survey comes in – it provides key answers as to why a certain test result may be lower or higher than optimal.

Starting from the variety of your diet, to the amount of sun you get each day, we all know that your lifestyle has a huge effect on your overall well-being.

By integrating this invaluable context into your health, we are able to better understand what kind of changes can be introduced into your life to improve your results.

Cato – the ElevateMe Intelligent Health Algorithm

Finally, Cato, our intelligent health algorithm, will use your blood test results and answers to the lifestyle survey to give you a percentage score across 7 different performance categories. These are:

  • Sleep
  • Energy
  • Fitness
  • Metabolism
  • Cognition
  • Mood 
  • Immunity

Cato then combines your selected focus areas and your answers to the lifestyle survey, as well as your assessment ratings to generate a tailored action plan. 

elevateme health app insights
ElevateMe health app – Insights connecting blood test data with core performance areas

Lifestyle Recommendations Based On Your Test Results

To address any sub-optimal ratings within your test results, as well as your selected focus areas, we divide the action plan into 3 categories: nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation. 

ElevateMe health app recommended actions
ElevateMe health app – Recommended actions across Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Supplements

Within the nutrition category, we will provide recommendations on foods you might want to avoid or foods that you should be eating more. This is also based on the information you have already provided in your lifestyle survey. You should never be forced to eat foods that you don’t enjoy!

The lifestyle recommendations are heavily influenced by the lifestyle survey – Cato will assess the effect of your answers on the 7 performance categories and make recommendations such as reducing the level of alcohol intake or integrating a new exercise routine.

The supplementation recommendations provide a breakdown of which dietary supplements you should take. Apart from telling you what vitamins could improve your overall health, your action plan will also provide you with a link to purchase the supplements, hand-picked by us based on the best value for money.

Impact Ranking

Finally, each action within these categories is given an impact ranking; this will tell you how important the action is relative to others, based on what areas you’ve told us you want to focus on. For instance, your results might tell us that you would greatly benefit from avoiding pro-inflammatory foods. But this might be less important than the impact that taking a Vitamin D3 supplement might have. Your impact scores are designed to help you prioritise and manage your lifestyle changes.

And that’s it! Your brand-new, tailored action plan is ready to be integrated into your life. You can now finally start feeling your personal best! Choose from one of these health plans and become a part of ElevateMe today!

Written by Natalia Glazman

I'm a Biochemistry student at Imperial College, interested in all things immunology and pursuing a career in science communication.


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