Cato – Intelligent Health Data Analysis Algorithm

Data is transforming the face of healthcare and wellness. New technologies and leaps in healthcare have given us data points that give us real-time data about our health. However, there’s a need for a unifying engine that uses all these data points to give users something that they can act upon. We can truly optimise our health if we have some form of actionable insights derived from all the data we can now generate. That’s where ElevateMe’s intelligent insights engine, Cato, comes in.

Let’s take a look at ElevateMe’s ecosystem before we dive into how our intelligent algorithm leverages the power of data in the right context (your goals and health snapshots) to give you personalised, real-time actionable insights.

Cato - ElevateMe health app intelligent action engine
The ElevateMe ecosystem with Cato as the central engine

What is Cato?

Cato is ElevateMe’s intelligent insights engine. It uses a unique algorithm that analyses your blood test results and your lifestyle information to help produce a snapshot of your current health. This is delivered to you in the form of 8 scores: 7 for each of ElevateMe’s performance areas, and an overall wellness score.

Then, it uses these generated scores, as well as the focus areas that you selected in your lifestyle survey, and other preferences (like dietary restrictions), to create an evidence-based action plan that will help you improve any performance areas that have been identified as sub-optimal.

How does Cato create intelligent action plans?

ElevateMe health app dashboard
ElevateMe health app – Personalised health dashboard

To analyse your blood and lifestyle data, Cato generates a score for each of the 7 performance areas ElevateMe uses:

  • Energy
  • Sleep
  • Mood
  • Immunity
  • Fitness
  • Cognition
  • Metabolism

An overall wellness score is also generated by taking a weighted average of these 7 scores.

The score is calculated by analysing each piece of your data. Currently, this consists of your blood test results and lifestyle survey answers. Optimal biomarker results and lifestyle behaviours will increase the score, while non-optimal ones will reduce the score. The further from optimal your results are, the greater the impact on your score.

After analysing your scores using the latest scientific research, Cato finds the actions that will work best for you to improve each of your performance scores. Cato then identifies actions that align with your health goals and creates your tailored action plan.

Cato is dynamic. It adapts to different medical scales based on age bands and genders. Thus, it ensures a high-level of personalisation in how it interprets your data to generate your tailored action plan.

Science-Based Medical Insights

To create tailored action plans that are truly impactful, we ensure that the medical information that Cato uses comes from the most recent and trustworthy sources. Moreover, we will periodically review cutting-edge medical research and update the core Cato engine to ensure that your profile is vetted with reference to updated and improved research. Here’s how Cato works:

  • First, our medical advisors review current academic literature from reputable medical journals to select the latest research papers. This is a periodically recurring activity.
  • They then extract health insights and actions that have been scientifically proven to improve one or more of the biomarkers ElevateMe tests for and feed them into Cato, along with an impact score that reflects the effectiveness of the action.
  • They also use optimal blood test ranges instead of the normal reference ranges provided by blood testing labs. This means that your reports are being compared against the average values of healthy and thriving individuals and not the entire population. You can read more about the difference between optimal blood ranges and reference blood ranges here.
  • Cato then uses this, as well as the user’s lifestyle information, health goals, and 21 blood test results from our at-home finger prick blood test, to select only the most impactful actions and compile them into a personalised action plan.
  • Cato also uses all this information to generate an impact score for each action that is specific to each user.

What kind of insights does Cato provide?

Cato prioritises your blood test results based on how far from optimal they are, filterable by performance areas (e.g. energy, mood, etc) and by blood group. For each result, Cato will provide a description of what that blood test is and what impact your score is having on your life in simple, everyday language.

ElevateMe health app - Blood test insights
ElevateMe health app – Blood test insights

For each score, Cato also presents which performance areas this test result relates to and a curated set of articles for further reading on this topic.

Cato also provides you with recommended actions in 3 different areas – lifestyle, nutrition, and supplementation.

ElevateMe health app - Actionable insights
ElevateMe health app – Tailored action plan

Each of the recommended actions comes with an impact score. You can use these scores to help you prioritise the habits that you should integrate into your life first.

Each score is an indication of the potential improvement a habit can have on its relevant performance area score. Cato predicts this score using the medical advisors’ impact scores and the user’s blood test results. This impact score is also influenced by the focus areas that you selected in your lifestyle survey.


Cato’s lifestyle recommendations will help you integrate small day-to-day changes that could significantly improve your performance scores. These can include actions like spending more time in the sun, or reducing your alcohol intake.


Your action plan also contains advice on how you can improve your diet to optimise your health. Examples of these recommended actions include specific goals, such as removing pro-inflammatory foods from your diet, or switching to a Mediterranean diet.


Supplements are a great tool that can help you reach that extra optimal level of health. But, without any scientific guidance, it is difficult to know which supplements are best for you. Cato combines all your data to select supplements that can help you improve your health even further.

What can you do with these actionable insights?

The ElevateMe program does not end at mere personalised recommendations. We will go one step further.

Curated Marketplace

Cato also curates services and products based on your personalised actions. For example, if one of your lifestyle recommendations includes doing a 5-minute HIIT workout, it will lead you to a workout program. If one of your nutritional recommendations includes getting more omega-3, Cato references this with your dietary restrictions and suggests an appropriate product.

This powerful functionality eliminates extra work on your part to find out how to take action and helps you begin right away. One click and you are on your way to improving your life.

Working with a practitioner

Cato can create a tailored and evidence-based action plan that helps you improve your performance areas. However, the aim is not to replace your GP. Cato cannot make accurate medical diagnoses. If you have real medical concerns, it is best to discuss them with your doctor.

You can review any of Cato’s suggestions with your health professional. They can choose whether to use these to supplement their own practices and health protocols that they may already have in place.

Additionally, you can fine tune the recommended actions from Cato with your GP who might have a broader understanding of your medical history. With a combination of ElevateMe and your practitioner, you are getting the highest level of tailor-fitted and personalised healthcare based on cutting edge research, your personal real-time data, and your medical and medicinal history.

How does Cato protect your personal data?

We understand that allowing access to your data to a powerful service like ours can be concerning from a privacy point of view. That’s why we follow the strictest data protection guidelines (including the EU’s GDPR). We only use your data to provide you with our health services. You’re in full control and can choose to share your own data with practitioners or third parties, but only when you choose. You can at any time request to have all your data erased.

You can read more about how we protect and manage your data here.

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ElevateMe’s vision and roadmap

At ElevateMe, we’re proud to say that we have developed our services to help you truly optimise your health. Blood tests are a great indicator of your health. By following Cato’s recommended actions, you will begin to see the impact on your blood test results after only a few weeks.

However, our long-term mission is so much more than just blood tests. We aim to provide a platform that gives our customers a holistic view of their health. From genetic testing to your gut microbiome to real-time wearables, there is an abundance of information that you can use to better understand your health – and we’re here to provide the technology to give you access to all this information in one place.

In the near future, you will also be able to import any blood test results that you may have from other labs or blood testing providers into our program and join ElevateMe for free.

By integrating all these aspects of your health and using our intelligent technology to understand how they are connected, ElevateMe aims to give you a head start on your path to true health optimisation.

Sign up for an ElevateMe health plan today to get started on your AI-powered journey to better health and well-being.

Written by Natalia Glazman

I'm a Biochemistry student at Imperial College, interested in all things immunology and pursuing a career in science communication.


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