Measure, track and optimise your health, all in one place.

Health dashboard

An overview of your current health snapshot and trends.


Overall wellness score

All of your health combined into a single wellness percentage score that you can track over time, calculated from the average of your 7 performance scores.

Real-world performance scores

Understand your health in categories that relate to your life. Compare your energy, mood, immunity and more, all in one place.

Health performance trends

Track your performance scores over time to see where you’re doing great and where you still need to improve. Then set your health goals to target these areas.

Personalised health insights

A prioritised view of all your health assessment results.

21 blood test results

All of your blood test results, prioritised by those that are furthest from optimal first. Each result is presented on a colour scale, unique to that biomarker.

Track your trends

Compare your result against your previous scores for this blood test. See how you’ve improved over time and target an even better score for next time.

Insights algorithm

Our intelligent insights engine, Cato, combines your lifestyle and blood results to clearly explain what your score means and how it impacts your life.

Dive deeper

Each test result shows you which performance areas it affects and a link to a detailed blog article with everything you need to know about that biomarker.

Tailored health actions

What you should do to improve toward your health goals.


Tailored action plan

Your actions are calculated from your health goals, blood test results and lifestyle data, so your action plan is completely personal to you.

Clear guidance

A detailed breakdown of the benefits of each action, how often and the best way to do it. See how actions relate back to your performance areas and blood tests.

Partner discounts

We’ve hand picked the very best products, services and practitioners to support you along every step of your health journey, often with great discounts too.

Test, track and optimise your health today

Choose a health test to get started and we’ll send you everything you need to take your blood sample at home.


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