Set Your Health Focus Areas to Tailor Your ElevateMe Program

Understanding Your ‘Why?’

When we start a new challenge, whether it’s in our professional or personal lives, we need to keep ourselves motivated. This type of motivation – where you can get up every morning, excited to start the day and tackle new problems – only comes with an understanding of why we’re doing what we’re doing. To succeed in anything, big or small, we need to set specific goals that are meaningful to us. 

The same rule applies to your health journey. All of us want to feel healthy and perform better, both at work and at home. But what is that one specific goal that would get you out of bed every morning? Is it working towards improved cognition, so you feel at the top of your game, or taking care of your body to get better sleep? This is why it is essential to set specific goals and prioritise them within your health journey. You can then work on one aspect of your well-being at a time and continue to stay motivated. 

How ElevateMe helps you set focus areas

Your optimum health is our goal. But it’s also important that you are not just receiving recommendations from an algorithm that doesn’t understand your needs or goals, because this won’t motivate you to work towards goals that are not your own.

This is why the ElevateMe program allows you to set specific focus areas that are directly related to the health performance areas that we analyse through your blood tests and lifestyle assessment.

In your lifestyle survey, you can select 3 different areas out of the 7 that ElevateMe provides:

  • Sleep
  • Fitness
  • Cognition
  • Mood
  • Energy
  • Metabolism 
  • Immunity

Intelligent health insights algorithm – Cato

After you have shipped off your blood test and completed your lifestyle assessment, you will shortly receive your assessment report and your action plan. This will be created by Cato, our intelligent health insights algorithm.

Cato compares your blood test results to optimal values and generates scores in each of our 7 health performance areas: Sleep, Energy, Fitness, Metabolism, Cognition, Mood and Immunity.

Cato then uses this to generate a tailored action plan, with recommended actions aimed at improving one or more of your sub-optimal results. 

It’s important that you always have control over what you are working on and improving in your health journey. Blood tests can tell us a lot about you – but they won’t tell us about your goals and priorities. This is why, when creating your recommended actions, Cato always uses your focus areas to create a plan that is even more personalised. 

ElevateMe recommended actions
Here’s what the action plan looks like.

Each action in your plan also comes with an individual impact score. This is a measure of how significant each action will be compared to others, generated by taking into account your focus areas and the extent to which your results are sub-optimal.

This allows you to prioritise specific recommendations so that you can integrate them into your life one by one. The goal is to work on what’s important to you and feel like you’re ultimately in control of your health, not your action plan.

Updated insights based on repeat tests

Great – you’ve tested with ElevateMe, and chosen mood, fitness and sleep as your 3 focus areas. You have integrated the recommended actions into your everyday habits, and you’re starting to notice changes. You’re sleeping through the night, feeling alert and light during the day, and your regular work-out feels easier. But now you’re noticing other aspects of your health that you want to improve – maybe you still get sick often, or your libido has decreased. 

The ElevateMe program is built with integrated re-testing every 3, 6 or 12 months. There are many benefits of regular blood tests. Firstly, this allows you to compare your new scores to your old ones and see the effects of your new lifestyle on your health data. But our bodies are not static, and we know that your priorities may change. This is why re-testing allows you to set new focus areas, so that you can keep optimising your health and your performance, one recommended action at a time.

Did you know? 

Personalised preventative healthcare, where patients get a proactive rather than reactive approach towards preventing health scares, has been found to significantly reduce hospitalisations.

Take an ElevateMe blood test today to capture 21 blood test insights and track your sleep, fitness, energy, metabolism, cognition, mood, and immunity.

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Written by Natalia Glazman

I'm a Biochemistry student at Imperial College, interested in all things immunology and pursuing a career in science communication.


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