What does Optimal Health and Wellness look like?

We are always striving to work harder, and to feel better. One of the most important factors in achieving this goal is optimising our health and wellness. But what does this really look like? 

According to the WHO, health is defined as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. This concept might seem simple at first. But we need to reflect on what that definition means to each of us.

Every individual has a completely unique ‘healthy’ state, with different paths that lead us there. There is, however, one universal aspect: optimal health is about adopting behaviours and habits that are sustainable to you, and make you feel as good as possible.

This means that the health journey is not a one-size-fits-all path. First, we must identify what health means for us, and what we can do to work towards it. Only then can we finally start to perform at peak performance. 

How ElevateMe helps you achieve optimal health

To start this journey, you first need to understand the state of your health right now. This will help you not only identify what aspects of your lifestyle you need to change, but also how your current lifestyle choices have affected your health.

With ElevateMe, you can carry out a full health and performance assessment. Our assessments provide you with invaluable insights that you can use to improve your well-being.

Within each of the ElevateMe health plans, we collect information from your blood test and lifestyle assessment. The results of which are then analysed by our intelligent health algorithm, Cato. Cato will provide you with different scores across 7 health performance areas, such as your sleep, energy, or mood. It will quantify your health and give you numbers to help you understand which areas need attention.

elevateme health app dashboard performance areas
ElevateMe health app – Dashboard

All these results are easy to understand and accessible to you on your personalised customer dashboard. You will always have your results handy and will be able to compare them every time you re-test with ElevateMe. This means that you can track your health optimisation progress over time!

Helping you every step of the way

Many different factors affect the state of our health and well-being; ElevateMe seeks to help you address as many of them as possible.

There’s a lot of general health advice and tips out there, with many sources telling you conflicting information. This surplus of information can be hard to navigate – at what time should I put away my phone before going to bed? Should I listen to music to help me concentrate, or is silence a better option?

You’ll find the answers to these, as well as many other questions, in the health app.

1. Personalised Recommendations

This is health and wellness advice that all of us in the modern world can benefit from, hand-picked by our health experts to provide you with tangible results.

Sample Personlised action list
Actionable advice, personalised to you.

We all know that we should avoid eating processed, sugary and fatty foods; but each one of us also has a unique, individual nutrition profile that needs to be considered on our health journey.

This is the same approach you should take when it comes to all other aspects of your well-being, whether it’s exercise or supplementation. We are all different, and our bodies all have different needs and ‘optimal’ states.

This is why our health algorithm combines your test results, lifestyle information, and selected focus areas to create a completely tailored action plan. Each recommended action addresses one or more of your sub-optimal results and your selected health performance areas (mood, cognition, or fitness, etc).

The action plan is composed of 3 sections: lifestyle, nutrition, and supplementation. Each one of these recommended actions that have been scientifically proven to improve specific aspects of your health. Combined, these all work together to help you achieve peak health performance.

2. Integrating New Habits

The most challenging part of a health journey is staying on track and not losing motivation. We often find it difficult to keep going, either because we forget to stick to the new habits, or because these habits are simply unsustainable and don’t fit into our daily routine.

ElevateMe helps you stay on track in your journey by creating helpful action reminders at the right intervals. With us, you’ll never forget to take that supplement or to eat more fibre-rich foods. And because it is always easier to begin a new journey with others, the ElevateMe Community, full of like-minded people, is always there to motivate and inspire you – in both your physical and your mental health journeys.

3. Repeat

While we strive to achieve peak performance in all aspects of our health, we need to remember that our bodies are not static. Our needs are constantly changing, together with our age, weight, and lifestyle. This is why it is vital to fully re-assess the impact of the changes you’ve made after you integrate your action plan into your lifestyle. 

Our health advisors consider it best to re-test every 3 or 6 months – this is the time scale at which you will see the effects of your lifestyle changes reflected in your blood tests. When you repeat our blood test, you can compare your results and see the progress you have made. You can also set new goals so that you can keep working towards optimising your health.

This is done through improvement targets, which are set automatically every time you test with us. Whenever you re-assess, you will be able to track whether you’ve met these targets. Additionally, you may also get new target suggestions through the health app based on your latest test results.

Let’s start your health journey together

Are you ready to feel healthier, happier, and more productive than ever? Then ElevateMe is here to help you get started, and support you throughout.

Take the guesswork and confusion out of achieving optimal health – with our easy-to-follow personalised health test, we help you redefine what optimal health and wellness look like for you. Get started today with the 3, 6, or 12-month ElevateMe health plan and start your journey to better health.

Did you know? 

Personalised preventative healthcare, where patients get a proactive rather than reactive approach towards preventing health scares, has been found to significantly reduce hospitalisations.

Take an ElevateMe blood test today to capture 21 blood test insights and track your sleep, fitness, energy, metabolism, cognition, mood, and immunity.

ElevateMe Dashboard App

Written by Natalia Glazman

I'm a Biochemistry student at Imperial College, interested in all things immunology and pursuing a career in science communication.


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