5 Steps to Optimal Health and Performance

We all want to feel like we have optimal health and are performing at our peak. Now, more than ever. But how do we achieve this?

Most of us go through a long process of trial-and-error, testing different exercise plans and diets, trying every supplement under the sun, until we feel we have reached a good routine.

There’s no right way to achieve optimal health. Your journey to your best self may have several paths. However, there can be a structured way in which you can approach your journey towards optimal health. And that’s exactly what we have put together at ElevateMe. A single unified and personalised solution towards optimal health and wellness. Let’s take a look at 5 steps that you can use to begin.

Optimal health means to thrive at your peak performance. Generally, good health means an absence of disease, sickness, and ailments. Optimal health goes a step further and involves a perfect balance in all of your life’s core performance areas.

1. Assess Your Current Performance 

The first step towards achieving optimal health is understanding your current health. Although there are many ways to assess performance, few of them provide you with actionable results. A DNA test could tell you that you are genetically likely to have a specific weight but not how you can work to change that. 

Blood tests are a more practical measure of your well-being. They allow you to understand how changing your lifestyle can improve your performance toward optimal health. This means that after implementing lifestyle changes, you will see real changes to your well-being and performance within a few weeks.

At ElevateMe we capture a series of 21 blood test insights as well as a lifestyle assessment. We combine these together to help you understand where you stand in terms of your well-being right now. The blood test assesses a variety of important indicators, including hormones, proteins, cholesterol status and more. All of this will help us evaluate the state of your health, but it doesn’t just end there.

2. Understand Your Scores

After you receive your blood test results, you’re going to need help to understand what they mean. This is where we hand over your results to Cato, our intelligent health algorithm.

elevateme health app dashboard performance areas
ElevateMe health app – Dashboard

First, your data is processed to give you an overall performance score. This is then further broken down into 7 performance areas: sleep, energy, fitness, metabolism, cognition, mood and immunity. These scores are based on the combination of your lifestyle survey and the blood results. They are meant to help you understand how your lifestyle can affect your overall performance. 

Most assessments will only provide you with generic, ‘normal’ health ranges. Our algorithm compares your results to optimal health levels. By assessing against these peak performance targets, we provide targeted advice to help bring you up to 100%. It does this by referring to the blood results of the healthiest of individuals (optimal ranges).

Optimal health range scale diagram
Isn’t this just better to understand than a normal range scale? Check out how we display blood test results in our health app demo here.

Apart from understanding your current health, our health app will also provide you with performance area scores. This gives you an insight into how much Cato thinks you can improve in each category before your next re-test, helping you set clear goals for your performance.

3. Implement Your Science-Based Recommendations

One thing we all want to avoid on our journey to better health is trusting ‘magic’ health tips and products that have no scientific backing but claim to instantly solve all your issues.

This is why we use Cato, which will process your scores, as well as your lifestyle information, to create an action plan that is based on carefully researched and experimentally proven scientific knowledge.

These suggestions have been scientifically linked to the 7 specific areas that we assess, so as you integrate each one into your daily routine, they work to address one or more of these areas

It’s also important to us that you achieve your optimal health performance in the specific areas that you prefer. This is why our recommendations are always based on the focus areas that you have selected in your lifestyle survey, be that weight management or higher energy levels.

4. Find Motivation

It’s finally time to bring your action plan to life. But we wouldn’t throw you in the deep end without any guidance – we know that it is difficult to change your everyday habits.

This is why we help you to carefully build your action plan into your life, using helpful tips and reminders to keep you on track. 

But personal encouragement isn’t the only thing you need to keep you going. We all know that it’s easier to find the motivation to go on a run with a friend than to do it by yourself. Equally, the ElevateMe community is also always there to support you in your optimal health journey. Think of this as a big family of like-minded people who are on this journey with you. 

5. Re-evaluate

You’re now on track to your peak performance and health! You’re starting to feel the improvements – but how do you know that those lifestyle changes are being reflected in your blood results? To answer that question, it is important to repeat your assessment every few months. Regular blood re-testing will allow you to see your updated scores and improvement targets, track your performance trends over time and help you understand what aspects of your health you should focus on next for you to truly feel your best.

Did you know? 

Personalised preventative healthcare, where patients get a proactive rather than reactive approach towards preventing health scares, has been found to significantly reduce hospitalisations.

Take an ElevateMe blood test today to capture 21 blood test insights and track your sleep, fitness, energy, metabolism, cognition, mood, and immunity.

ElevateMe Dashboard App

Written by Natalia Glazman

I'm a Biochemistry student at Imperial College, interested in all things immunology and pursuing a career in science communication.


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